Welcome to my website.

 If you are looking for landscape paintings, go to johnwhitingartist.com

The site you are looking at is knottedlines.com and its purpose is to share some of my abstract art, particularly my maze designs.  My mazes consist of pathways which branch and are intertwined. Some are reminiscent of Celtic knots, others of Moorish patterns. They take various forms. Some are line drawings, others are paintings or sculpture. I also invent games.  As a professional carpenter, I’m frequently called on to design as well as build. A few examples of projects I’ve done are a trestle table, benches, shoji screens, custom cabinets, pergola, miniature golf, treehouse, easels, silkscreen equipment, kiln vent hood, ceramic tile countertops, and the bar at Red Newt Cellars Winery and Bistro.

Contact Information

Questions, comments and project proposals are welcome.
Email: jwoils@aol.com
Write: John Whiting, 5041 County Road 14, Odessa NY 14869